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Dover Sign

   Ashlynn Avey, an EAST student, is in the process of completing a sign for Dover. She says, "When you come into Dover from Russellville, there's not anything to welcome people into our cute little town. I thought a welcome sign would make the town look a little more happy and cozy." 
   This project has been in the works for quite some time, with Zoë Reeves starting it a little over two years ago in 2017. She never completed the project, but the sketch was found by Avey and she decided to complete the project.
   The sign will be 6ft x 5ft. We have the quote to make it from SignHub, and we are meeting with the mayor of Dover next week. Coming soon! :)


   EAST students Kenna Jackson and Hanna Tackett created a website to shed light on suicide and raise awareness for it as much as possible. "In our community, we suffered a loss of someone to suicide. We thought it would be a good way to reach out to others our age and spread awareness for this, and we have resources for most issues someone could be going through." 
   On the website includes hotlines for anyone to reach out to, a free, anonymous chat center for anyone who needs to talk, and articles on how to handle situations relating to suicide. "If you or someone you know is thinking of committing suicide, come to this website to receive the help you need before you make a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We are listening!" 
   Link to the website is in the left margin.

Teen Central Podcast

Teen Central Podcast is a podcast created by Ashlynn Avey and Pallas Bennett. This podcast talks about a range of subjects, from school, relationships, politics, and funny stories to tell. This podcast is still in progress, and will soon enough be available to Podcast on iOS, Spotify, and YouTube. Any suggestions you have for topics you would like them to speak on, can go to 


Sew Warm

Sew Warm is a project conducted by Jaylinn Williams. This project got a group of people from our EAST journalism class to get together and learn how to sew. With this skill, they have created 5 inch blocks to sew together to make a quilt for elderly in need. We have successfully created one quilt, and more are on the way. This group has also learned how to cut blocks of fabric, thread a machine, and use the tools at hand. Susan Alvey, our art teacher's mother, comes every Tuesday and Thursday to help the group.