EAST @ Dover Middle

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EAST at Dover Middle's 2015 Conference Team: Shawnna Bull-Facilitator, Faith Johnson-Conference Manager, Rylie Wheeler, June Musgrove, Sarah Rainey, Jaxon Bull, Samantha Moorhouse, Tandem Young, and Aiden Turner 

EAST at Dover Middle's second annual EAST Night Out. Tuesday October 14, 2014 from 5:30-7:00. 

EAST at Dover Middle's first banquet at the 2014 EAST conference with the conference team.  Listed from left to right: Shawnna Bull-Facilitator, Tanner Morphis, Sofie Housley, Faith Johnson, Gracie Hartzell-Conference Leader, Jaxon Bull, Rylie Wheeler, Rianna Hampton, and Joseph Smith.

EAST at Dover Middle's very first EAST Night Out!